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GTA SA : The4VMod

The4VMod is now officially on progress, it has only 3 features right now but some good suggestions from you are always welcome. Those features are :
- Cover System; originally was made for The Division project but to release this mod I need my friend's permission for public release
- Dead Indicator; not much to say but when you kill someone that you aimed, the screen will flashing
- Steal Locked Car; with nice breaking glass effect.

Click HERE to download the mod!

Video :

Screenshot :

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GTA SA : Script Dependent Drawings

Everyone asking how did I get no bug texture (such as white texture bug) while playing with my mods, for example Switch Protagonist Mod. I guess some of you already know about to this mod.

It's Script Dependent Drawings that could fix that bug. I hear that CLEO 4.3 already fix bug texture so you may want or don't want to download this because some people say Script Dependent Drawings is not compatible with the newest CLEO version. Btw, I use CLEO 4.1 to run my mods

Author : Wesser
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GTA SA : Edo Tensei Hokage (Giveaway)

For more info go to my Facebook page
Only 10 people can get this mod! Contest will end until 14 September 2014
Giveaway contest is closed

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GTA SA : Watch Dogs HUD

I'm sorry if I look like don't care about updating this blog, but hey I already told ya to keep an update to it. Anyway I will post a new modification especially HUD elements like Watch Dogs. Here's the list of it :

- Battery as health and armour
- Weapon icons is moved to the black box
- Pain indicator is placed on 'flipped square-like' (on the black box)
- Radar moved to the right side
- Player condition mode on the black box (on-foot, car, plane, train, etch)
- Radar is now blurred (shadow)
- Wanted level moved to below the radar

The HUD is now configurable and adapt Display settings. If you turned off Map & Blips option, the mod is turned off too. And so on.

Hack System Short-Preview :

So far only those I can do. Some screenshots :

Click Here to download the HUD. (Download is now available)
Click Here to download the Hacking Mod.
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GTA SA : Switch Protagonist Mod (in45do version)

Current version : BETA 2

Hello, guys! This is my new CLEO mods about switching character/protagonist from CJ, Sweet, and Cesar, note that this is GTA V version not GTA SA. Some features :
- Colored screen while changing protagonist
- Have a same weapon slot(s)
- Unique ability after recruit NPC protagonist
- Faster changing if near NPC protagonist
- If NPC protagonist dead, player must pay $20.000
- NPC protagonist has side activity
- Player wheel in GTA V version
- Removed hostile protagonist
- 3 Protagonist
- 3 Protagonist with 3 different special abilities
- Flashing screen while switching
- Switching from any vehicle (except boat and plane)
- Turret mode

Currently working on this :
- Player stats

Video :

 Screenshots :

Comment and suggestion are welcome! Link to download: BETA 1 , BETA 2 , and BETA 3
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