GTA SA : Switch Protagonist Mod (in45do version)

Current version : BETA 2

Hello, guys! This is my new CLEO mods about switching character/protagonist from CJ, Sweet, and Cesar, note that this is GTA V version not GTA SA. Some features :
- Colored screen while changing protagonist
- Have a same weapon slot(s)
- Unique ability after recruit NPC protagonist
- Faster changing if near NPC protagonist
- If NPC protagonist dead, player must pay $20.000
- NPC protagonist has side activity
- Player wheel in GTA V version
- Removed hostile protagonist
- 3 Protagonist
- 3 Protagonist with 3 different special abilities
- Flashing screen while switching
- Switching from any vehicle (except boat and plane)
- Turret mode

Currently working on this :
- Player stats

Video :

 Screenshots :

Comment and suggestion are welcome! Link to download: BETA 1 , BETA 2 , and BETA 3

20 komentar:

  1. how to change CJ with michael ?

  2. Mod's already released. (BETA 1)

    Edit the files inside player.img

  3. bolehkah saya minta michael player.imgnya?

  4. salah satu orangnya bisa diganti ga skinnya?

  5. Mazter Gemscool : Di blog ane aja da kok
    skalian numpang download in45do yaa...

  6. Can you please give me the source file in txt format? Here's my email in case that you agree:

  7. Mas, si CJ (Michael) nya gak usah di muscle. Jadiin default aja, enaknya kan gitu

  8. kok yang biru di layar (slow motion) kok ngak hilang?

  9. cara ubah sweet jadi franklin gimana gan

  10. man its very very nice just one thing is not good
    deflut anims are muscle anims please disable it
    thanks u

  11. Hmm.. What version of dk22's gta v hud?

  12. Bug:Bila gangnya ingin masuk ke kendaraan kita,otomatis kendaraan tersebut terbang (dan terkagang bisa mati tu gangnya) (hanya orang yang di 3 protaginist mod)

  13. Guys Please Help me Its giving a Unknown Error :(
    Screenshot :-