GTA SA : Watch Dogs HUD

I'm sorry if I look like don't care about updating this blog, but hey I already told ya to keep an update to it. Anyway I will post a new modification especially HUD elements like Watch Dogs. Here's the list of it :

- Battery as health and armour
- Weapon icons is moved to the black box
- Pain indicator is placed on 'flipped square-like' (on the black box)
- Radar moved to the right side
- Player condition mode on the black box (on-foot, car, plane, train, etch)
- Radar is now blurred (shadow)
- Wanted level moved to below the radar

The HUD is now configurable and adapt Display settings. If you turned off Map & Blips option, the mod is turned off too. And so on.

Hack System Short-Preview :

So far only those I can do. Some screenshots :

Click Here to download the HUD. (Download is now available)
Click Here to download the Hacking Mod.

7 komentar:

  1. downloaded .. tro ane tunggu tutorial hud cleo nya :v
    lel di mediafire,kirain di gtainside

    nice nice

  2. ini gk work di laptop ane , padahal udah ane pencet ; , gk mau keluar hp nya . opcodenya ganti dong

  3. waktu pas mau ngeledakin mobilnya langsung crash gan -_- dan hacking modnya muncul bisanta di new game. kalo disavean ga muncul2
    harap diperbaiki gan :)

  4. theres a bug when i enable hacking mode, after i disable the mod by pressing ";" again, there are white texture above player's head. pls fix :)

  5. Kok gak keluar sih gan hpnya. Semua udah bener. Cleo 4, asi loader, gta europa. Tapi pas di tekan ; gak keluar.