GTA SA : Dark Mage

This is CLEO Mods (pack) originally made by me (in45do). This things include powers and dark skills like mage. Here's the list of skills that already made.
Skills :
- Hydrokinesis
- Pyrokinesis (changed)
- Thunder Claws
- Dark Gravity
- Mage's Resurrection
- Dimension Teleporter (changed)

Adding one enemy, Electro. See the video to find out more.

Note :
Using Dimension Teleporter will decrease your current wanted level.
Using Thunder Claws will restore your health.
Mage's Resurrection will activated if player dying not dead.

Release date is unknown but I want you guys to know the skills before release, what is your thought? Anyway this is still WIP, some of things is not done yet.

Notice that I release the file to The Lost Cruise page, but you could download Dark Mage from there. Here's the link : Download

Screenshots :

Video :

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