Tutorial : Race Mission

For making a DYOM missions that contain racing mission you could follow these steps to make it!

I'm going to show you how to make a good race mission on DYOM. 

The vehicle you chose determines the difficulty of your mission. Choosing a vehicle with poor handling and speed will make the mission hard, while choosing one with opposing stats will make the mission easier. However, try to keep a level of realism, since it's quite stupid to make a Walton race with an Infernus. 

Race Track The track you choose also plays a role in the mission difficulty. Make sure it's well made by choosing a good distance and personalize it using objects and cars. There are many types of tracks depending on the race, each have different variables. 

Making The Race

Race Start: Use the countdown objective. If you're going to race with multiple cars, put an object in them to prevent them from starting before you, and hide it after the countdown is finished.
Routepoints: Guide the player using checkpoints. However, actors require putting routepoints, the closer they are, the better they drive, and set them as agressive drivers, but make sure the routepoints are perfect, otherwise set them as normal.
Race End: Set the opponents as Must Survive. Put explosive barrels in the end of the track. So that if they beat you, they will explode and the mission will fail.

To make an even better race mission, add stunts, twists, chases, police, explosions! Just make sure you add your touch to it. 

Tips was made by Zizo008

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