Kay Derrick Life Story : Chapter One

It's been a long time since my failed project called "John E Sen Story" because of losing datas. But now I've continue my work in DYOM with my new storyline mod called "Kay Derrick Life Story". Here are the stories.


The story is about the war that happen at Texas and cause a man, Kay Derrick, to continue his life outside of his world. He had a dream to find his father who left him alone in 18 years ago. But now it's time to forget the past and move on. He came to San Andreas for survival as an illegal imigrant. Luckly his friends have waiting for him and picked him up. Since then, he doing some job from "normal person job" into "killer job" for a money. And now the journey has start from the deepest level, into the highest level of his life.


I have planning to make 3 chapter with each of different theme and different city.
All of the chapter will contain 35 missions including intro and outro.

   Chapter I "Classical Life"         Chapter II "True Life"         Chapter III "Rich and Loyal Life"
   Location : San Fierro                 Location : Los Santos         Location : Las Venturas 

                                    The first release will be held on DYOM Official Website and GTAGarage. 
                                                                Chapter I released in 17 March 2013.

Well that's all I can tell, the rest is a secret. This project still work in progress for another chapter of "Kay Derrick Life Story" and this is for you guys who love to playing around with DYOM. Have a nice day!

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  1. Hi can you help os doing some DYOM missions to this Total Conversion? http://gtaforums.com/topic/664077-gta-san-andreas-shenmue-port/ It makes GTA SA More Like Shenmue, We already have some characters, some map mods, and now we need to start making missions.. I can't work well with DYOM, I only can do textures and some mapping, We will like to have you on our team "GTA SHENMUE".. If you'r interested leave a reply on the mod link or contact me via skype: diogo.almeida107 or email: minecity@outlook.com

  2. Here's the mod page: http://tinyurl.com/ohwpp5c