Overdose Effect v1.5

I've been searching for mods that similar for GTA IV and this thing really great! It's almost look like GTA IV effect. This mod called Overdose Effect by Function-X. He's just release Overdose Effect v1.5 Part 1.

There are new effect from it like: 
- Explosion particle 
- Fire effect 
- Water effect  (when you're in the water and swimming)  
- Shot particle  (when you shoot with a gun and reflected bullets effect on the wall) 
- Burst tires 
- Blood texture
- Smoke effect  (when you're using teargas you could see the difference)
And many more!

Download them from GTAForums.com or GTAGarage.com

From GTAForums.com 
From GTAGarage.com 

Enjoy them and have a nice day!

Some Screenshot (Not made by me) :

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