Tutorial : How to use ZModeller

OK, first I don't expert using ZModeller (but I'm trying to be), but my friend who mastered these, have several tutorials to share about "How to use ZModeller". His name is Denis Adha. Here's the tutorials : (All in videos)

1. Crop Photo Using Pen Tools
2. Make Paint Job Template (For GTA SA)
3. Detach and Attach In ZModeller
4. Wheel Chamber Tutorial
5. Change Wheel Tutorial
6. Adding New Part with ZModeller 2.2.4
7. Free Modelling Exhaust (How to Make One)
8. Render Using ZModeller 2.2.6
9. Convert Car Tutorial (Part 1)
10. Convert Car Tutorial (Part 2)
11. Convert Car Tutorial (Part 3)
12. Convert Car Tutorial (Part 4)

All of those links are connected to each other. Credit to Tutorial Maker : Denis Adha

Source : denisadha.blogspot.com

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  1. makasih atas tutorialnya ya tapi saya pake zmodeler yang lama jadi bingung -_-