Cyber Sky HUD and Three Protagonist Mod Edited by in45do (GTA Anderius Style)

Hello guys!
Sorry for a very long time updates, because my internet slowing down and I don't have any idea what can I make for something special. GTA Anderius, the most great TC project I've ever seen. I got an idea to make it more like futuristic mod. Here it is, the modified HUD (again) with vertical version called Cyber Sky HUD. New futuristic features inside : (Update)

- Biohazard wanted level
- Medical and bloody HUD texture
- Vertical health bar
- Vertical armor bar
- Rectangular radar shape (Thanks to DK22Pac)
- New phone texture (From GTA Anderius)
- New weapons icons (From YourSHADOW)
- New radar icons (compatible with GTA Anderius)

And here it is, the most impressive mods I've ever seen, Three Protagonist Mod by Kevin Prestes, texture by Lcs_07. I've modified it a little bit, the three player now is Carl, Sebastian,and Phil. There's a bug where Phil will spawn in the ocean.

Screenshot is here :

Link to Futuristic Anderius Mods: DOWNLOAD
Author :
- Alexander Blade
- in45do
- Kevin Prestes
- Lcs_07
- DK22Pac

7 komentar:

  1. I am the creator of Three Protagonists

  2. Well, I'm looking a way to contact you! Anyway, can I get permission to edit the texture? Just the texture. I really love it if I can get your permission! :)

  3. If restrain my credits, can edit. Sorry for my Bad English, am Brazillian

  4. Thanks for your permission! I'll keep the readme originall, with your name, Kevin Prestes and Lcs_07 as the author! (and me for editing the texture)

  5. gan. kenapa pas saya instal cleo 4 nya malah freeze pas loading selesai tepatnya pas screennya hitam gitu? bantu saya dong. :)

  6. mungkin versi GTA SA anda masih versi 2 dan 3 ?

  7. gimana solusinya? padahal saya sudah install cleo 4. :/