The Lost Cruise

Hello everyone!
Here I want to make something new, it's underwater map!
It will be awesome because I will add ship wreck. I don't know what GTA V does when you're in the water, but I think you'll find treasure things like.

BETA 1 :
- 13 ships wreck around San Andreas
- 13 treasures will have to found
- Low to International reward
- Scuba gear mod Not included

BETA 2 :
- Submarine (Made by Switch Designs)
- Underwater myth
- Improved LOD object of the ship
- Darker underwater

BETA 3 :
- Retextured Submarine
- Improved COL object
- Improved Submarine handling ( it's easy to control )
- Added 4 ships wreck around San Andreas
- Treasures are blue packages

BETA 4 :
- GTA V ambience sound mod
- GTA V underwater
- Underwater side-mission

Download the mod at GTAGarage. (Full screenshots at GTAGarage)

Some of the screenshots :

Video :

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