Slow Motion Ability

Slow Motion Ability

Hello guys, I want to share about my first working CLEO script, slow motion mode. Slow motion CLEO mod already made by few people, but I want to recreate (not steal it) slow motion mode and I add sound effect between slow gameplay and normal gameplay. Fade effect is added! It will give blue vision when using ability.

There's isn't something new, but here's how to use it:
Press X to activate and deactivate the mod

Future Feature :
I'd like to combine this CLEO mod with texture like yellow bar (GTA V special ability) into my Rectangular HUD. But it takes alot of time to learn scripting.

Known Bugs :
Somebody said it will crash when turn off the mod. It doesn't crash to me, but I will find the solution.

Credit :
MGR Team Project for their sound effect!
ZAZ for his/her great CLEO tutorial!
ThirteenAG for his permission to use that texture!
See updated mods at GTAGarage, but I don't know why the website is take too long to approving mods. Alternate link has been fixed!

Screenshots : 

3 komentar:

  1. When i start a new game it crahses :(

  2. Sorry about that, I will reupload the mods to see if it's working again.

  3. soundtrack blognya maho nih :v <(")

    kavooorrrr <(") //