GTA IV HUD Resize by in45do

Alexander Blade's IV HUD

It's been a month I didn't post anything in my blog. That's because I start modding with Alexander Blade's IV HUD. 

Everybody who doesn't know Alexander Blade's IV HUD is deeply joking
It's because his HUD is look similar with GTA IV HUD and it's famous in "GTA SA to IV Modification". You could see them here. The HUD is almost perfect because one thing, the radar size looks bigger! It's annoying because in GTA IV and EFLC the radar looks smaller.

I could show you someone who have made the HUD look smaller in GTAGarage, but you have to search it on Google. 

Resized GTA IV HUD ( W.I.P ) 

Well I want to share you my modification, you could see them here. It's originally my settings. The V.1.0 will be released soon after another screenshot has approved. Bonus will be packed in the first release. Any update of my mod will shown in and here, my blog.

Most likely I will continue my work towards the final version, V.2.0, and I hope this mod will completed in time! 


The modification V.1.0 have uploaded! Bonus have packed with one surprise, IV misc, but it just change a little different between the originall and new phone IV texture it's NOT made by me. Anyway download and enjoy the mod! 

V.2.0 is coming soon!

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