GTA 4 Subtitle in GTA SA!

Niko Bellic in GTA SA Subtitle

What does that mean? I've trying to replace all Carl's name inside a file named american.gxt with the protagonist of GTA 4, Niko Bellic, and maybe some mission name would be replaced. We could see all GTA 4 mods that aiming every aspect in GTA SA such as, the HUD, pedestrians, player clothes, vehicles, map,etch. But, everyone forgot that the subtitle should changed as well. 

And this modification is compatible with the mods that need to change american.gxt file like "Niko Bellic Player Mod" and "GTA IV Menu Style". The progress so far is nearly 90% in the game. 


- Character's Name Should be Changed (90% Done!)
Well, I guess ALL character's name should be changed. I'm pretty sure of this idea. For example : 
- Sweet Johnson changed to Roman Bellic
- Cesar Vialpando changed to Bruce Kibbuts
- T-Bone Mendez changed to Vladimir Glebov

- Vehicle's Name Should be Changed (20% Done!)
This is the most hardest thing, changing vehicle's name. Same as above, I'm pretty sure of this idea. For example : 
- Hunter changed to Annihilator
- Leviathan changed to Skylift
- Freeway changed to Hexer

- New Features: GTA IV Style (Done!)
Some aspect in-game have been added! This is the features:
- 'MISSION FAILED' words have removed! 


Files has uploaded in GTA IV Subtitle in GTA SA and waiting for approval! Use the current alternate link to download the mod!
Have any suggestion? Feel free to comment in here or in my mods. Have a nice day!


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