GTA SA : Rectangular HUD (in45do version)

Hello guys! As the titles says I want to make a rectangular shape for GTA SA! This progress cannot be done without Alexander Blade's IV HUD so thanks so much to this guy. Anyway I already start to create the rectangular shape HUD and 'maybe' look like GTA V HUD. I make 2 different version of the HUD, so you can choose which one is your favorite! The usual HUD settings is already exist in both version of the HUD. (It's best to use Multi Player Edition when playing SA:MP)
I've made new HUD that match for your different graphics (resolution) condition. It's called graphical HUD, you can download it if the old HUD are too big or ugly.

This is usual HUD settings : 
- Fixed rectangular radar! (Thanks to DK22Pac and Wesser)
- New Blood texture around the HUD!
- Rectangular HUD! (misc)
- Rectangular shape for health bar!
- Rectangular shape for armor bar!
- Bonus : 5 star wanted level system!
- Bonus : IV blips (latest version)!

Single Player Edition :
- Rectangular shape for special ability bar!
- New parachute bar position!

Multi Player Edition : 
- Only have health and armor bar!
- Old parachute bar position.

New! Graphical HUD :
- Smaller HUD
- New phone texture ( IFruit )
- HQ Health bar
- HQ Armor bar
- HQ Special ability bar (SP version)
- Smaller altitude bar
- Smaller radar centre (player position texture)

*You have to know thtat special ability bar that I'm talking about is armor bar. So the works of this special ability is that you can take so much heat before your armor decrease!

*There is a reason why I keep the old parachute bar position, it's because I don't want to screw the fun when playing SA:MP (San Andreas : Multi Player), if you falling with parachute or flying with vehicles, it wouldn't block your radar!

*New wanted level system (like in GTA V), maximum is 5!

You can see the mods at GTAGarage or GTAForums. The files is uploaded and waiting for approval! Use the alternate link to download. 

Anyway enjoy the mods and have a nice day!

4 komentar:

  1. Would you make a hud with the Money appear?
    bisa kagak gan?
    gw bingung waktu main SA:MP heran gak ada duitnya

  2. Gan, gta saya pake SRT3 pas install Hudnya Minimapnya Bulet sama kotak, trus masih kaya biasa, udah pake silent loadrer asi tetep gabisa. Caranya benerinnya tau gak gan? sama bikin yg buat MP version ada duitnya kalo bisa gan, pas main di SAMP agak bingung punya duit berapa

  3. Eng : Why I cant load game? Is this modification must repeat of the game from beginning???

    Ind : kengapa saya kok gabisa load game saya yang lama? Apa mod ini memang harus ngulang gamenya dari awal???

  4. please reply. can you tell me how to change map from circle to rectangle? no more modification, just show me how to cover circle to rectangle. I will be very thankful to you if you help me. thanks in advance